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Safety and Game Rules

General 1/1/2017

  1. Facility Rules:

    1. Release of Liability –

      1. The US Airsoft World, Inc. Form - Release of Liability, waiver of Claims, Express Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, must be signed prior to play.


    2. Protection –

      1. Face protection must be worn at all times in the arena play area “Goggle on Area”. (see personal safety equipment requirements section)


    3. Safety Gear –

      1. Approved safety gear must be worn in the arena play area “Goggle on Area”. (see personal safety equipment requirement section) DO NOT REMOVE your EYE PROTECTION while in the arena “Goggle on Area” In no circumstance shall eye protection be removed. If your vision is impaired due to fogging or for some other reason, call “BLIND MAN” immediately and wait for assistance from the US Airsoft official.


    4. Safety –

      1. i. Prior to arrival at US Airsoft World, all airsoft guns and devices must be carried into the facility in ether a soft or hard gun type case/box/bag, and magazines out.


      2. The removal of all magazines, clearing all airsoft guns, airsoft guns on safety and placing the barrel sock on the gun is required when leaving the arena area “Goggle on Area”.


    5. Teams -

      1. Military type dress is encouraged, and each team is represented by either Camo or Solid. (see personal safety equipment section for pattern type and colors)


      2. Players will pick a team during registration, either online the day before or at the registration HQ the morning of the game.


      3. A player may be placed on a team at registration based on how many people are signed up for a particular team. After a team has been determined for the player, the player must wear the corresponding color of their team represented by the outer shirt or jacket full sleeve (Camo or Sold) while playing.


      4. Pants, helmet and vest can be any color or pattern, as long as the outer shirt or jacket sleeve is correct for the team, although it is encouraged to have your colors and patterns all the same for most of these items.


      5. The determining factor as far as identifying the team is the outer shirt or jacket long sleeves (Camo or Solid). If you are on the Camo Team your outer shirt or Jacket sleeve shall be one of the Camo colors and or patterns representing the Camo Team. If you are on the Solid Team then your outer shirt or jacket sleeve shall be one of the solid colors representing that team. (see personal safety equipment section for pattern type and colors)


        1. Camo - Special Ops Team = Camo Sleeve


        2. Solid - Tactical Team = Solid Color Sleeve


    6. Rules of Engagement –


      1. Head shots are highly discouraged, aim for full body mass.


      2. No shooting into the air at the lights and at the roof of the buildings.


      3. No firing blind, fire only when you have a sight on target.


      4. No leading your shots, target must be in sight.


      5. No shinning lasers at another players face.


      6. Safe kill – Is when you come up on the blind side of another player of the opposing team, at 10’ distance to the players blind side you can call a “safe kill”. It would count as if you had shot them with your airsoft gun.


      7. When shot by a BB / you are wounded, players must raise their hands in the air or raise the red wounded flag. Wounded players cannot talk or instruct others. They cannot participate until they respawn through the designated respawn point. To get back into the game, the wounded player must get to the team respawn “Medic Red Cross” point and touch to be healed. Some games require a medic to send the player back to the respawn medic tent. The type of game will be specified prior to play.


    7. Minimum engagement distance –


      1. Close quarters - 360 (fps) indoors under 25 feet


      2. Battle corridors, open areas and outside - 400 (fps) greater than 25 feet


      3. BB shower – 25 feet.


    8. Ages –


      1. Players must be 8 years of age to play.


      2. Players under the age of 18 must have the release of liability form signed by a parent or guardian.


      3. Players under the age of 18 must wear a paint ball type full face mask. (see personal safety equipment requirement section)


    9. Arena Safety –


      1. All players must attend and participate in the safety briefing prior to play conducted by the US Airsoft World referee.


      2. US Airsoft World referees shall have the final say on all issues pertaining to safety.


      3. The arena play area “Goggles on Area” at US Airsoft World will have referees on patrol. Additionally, they will be roaming the area enforcing all the safety rules, regulations and procedures. All will be overseen by the US Airsoft World – Officer of the Day. Additional US Airsoft referee’s, shall be placed as needed.


      4. Entrance to the arena play area “Goggle on Area” will be monitored by the tactical officer of the day to maintain strict control over the arena play area.


    10. Proper Conduct –


      1. This is a sport of integrity and honor, call your shots, gun hits count.


      2. Respect shall be shown to all players and US Airsoft officials.


      3. Foul language is strictly forbidden.


      4. This is a family facility and it is expected that everyone acts appropriately.


      5. Good sportsmanship is encouraged and even rewarded, winning or losing is not as important as how you play the game. Battle badges may be given for good behavior and good sportsmanship.


      6. Rude or inappropriate behavior will not be permitted.


      7. No physical contact with other players of any kind.


      8. Respect and follow the rules and regulations at US Airsoft World. Right or wrong, the referee decision is final. No arguments with the referee.


      9. This is an honor game, be respectful, honest and CALL YOUR HITS, IF YOU ARE HIT CALL IT. Continued violations of this rule will result in being asked to leave.


      10. Any players witnessing a rule and or safety violation will immediately report the violation to the nearest US Airsoft World Official. The US Airsoft Official will interview all parties and make a determination that is final.


      11. Violations of any of the rules, safety policies and procedures shall not be tolerated. Players who violate these rules, policies and procedures shall be asked to leave the facility immediately.




  1. Personal Safety Equipment Requirements:


    1. US Airsoft World referee’s will conduct equipment check from time to time to make sure all players meet or exceed the safety requirements at US Airsoft World, as described below.


    2. Approved eyewear must be worn at all times in the arena play area. “Goggle on Area” If you take your eyewear off in the arena play area “Goggle on Area” you will be asked to sit out the next game and be required to wear a full face mask when you return to play. If you take your eyewear off a second time, you will be out for the day. Continued violations of this rule will result in the permanent loss of play at this arena.


    3. Approved eye protection (All must meet or exceed ASTM standards):


      1. Safety glasses with fully sealed foam around eyes. (Regular reading glasses, safety glasses or shooting glasses without the foam around the eyes are not allowed.)


      2. Full face paintball approved type mask with foam fit fully sealed. (Required for ages under 18 years old.)


      3. Goggles with foam fit to face, strap and fully sealed. (Mesh screen type eye viewing are not allowed.)


    4. It is encouraged to wear face, ear, neck, gloves and headwear protection in the arena play area “Goggle on Area”. The entire face, ears, and neck should be covered.


    5. Encouraged face, ear and neck protection:


      1. Full face paintball approved type mask with foam fit. (Required for ages under 18 years old)


      2. Balaclava or bandana soft covers.


      3. Neoprene face cover.


      4. Full fit cotton or plastic mask.


      5. It is recommended that players not using a full face mask use a mouth guard in conjunction with the required face protection listed above.



    1. Approved gloves:


      1. Any protective type glove that fits properly. Leather, cotton, canvas, working and sport type gloves.


    2. Approved headwear protection:


      1. Fiberglass or plastic army replica type headgear. (Preferred)


      2. Ball cap.


      3. Cotton soft cap.


      4. Cloth scarf, balaclava or bandana.


    3. Military type dress, Long pants, (no shorts), longs sleeve shirts (no short sleeve).


      1. Camo type dress (Camo = “Special Ops” Team)


        1. Multicam


        2. ACU


        3. Woodland


        4. Digital


        5. Disruptive


      2. Solid color type dress (Solid = “Tactical” Team)


        1. Olive Drab “Green”


        2. Coyote “Tan”


        3. Dark Navy “Dark Blue”


        4. Black


        5. Dark Earth “Brown”


    4. Footwear:


      1. The preferred type of footwear would be the standard type army, work boot or something similar. (Preferred)


      2. Most forms of footwear are acceptable including athletic shoes. (The following are not acceptable and will not be allowed – Pumps, high heels, hard sole formal type shoes, moccasins, slippers and or sandals.)


    5. Pads:


      1. Protective knee and elbow pads are encouraged but are not mandatory.


      2. Any military style or work type pads will work well.



  1. Equipment:


    1. All airsoft guns must be transferred and brought into the facility “US Airsoft World, Inc.” in a soft or hard case.


    2. All airsoft guns must have the selector switch on safe, gun empty of BBs, gun cleared, magazine removed, finger off the trigger, and barrel sock on when outside the arena play area.


    3. All Airsoft guns will be inspected and must pass a chronograph test during registration using .20 gram BBs. The inspection and chronograph test will be conducted and carried out by the US Airsoft Tech Sergeant. Maximum velocity at US Airsoft is 400 fps with .20 gram BBs. Any gun shooting over these standards must be de-tuned to meet this requirement before being allowed for use in the playing field. An approval color tag identified for that day will be affixed to the airsoft gun by the US Airsoft Tech Sergeant. The approval tag must remain on the gun for the entire day of play. Spot checks will be done throughout the day to ensure compliance.


    4. Maximum Velocities:


      1. Close quarter within 25 feet 360 (fps)


      2. Greater than 25 feet 400 (fps)


      3. Snipers – up to 500 (fps) with no shots closer than 100 feet, and only single round shots allowed for airsoft sniper rifles, bolt type. (No Full Auto)


    5. Tampering with airsoft guns after they have passed the chronograph test is forbidden, and will result in the player being asked to leave the facility. (Spot check will be made.)


    6. The US Airsoft World facility is environmentally friendly, all BBs must be biodegradable also known as Bio BBs. Players may bring their own BBs as long as they are biodegradable, and in marked bag or bottle to verify they are biodegradable. Verification of Bio BBs is required. US Airsoft World has biodegradable BBs for purchase for all players that need them.


    7. Magazine and Ammunition Check - Maximum allowable BB weight is .20 grams, .25 grams, and up to .30 grams. No metal BBs. (All weights .20, .25, .30 must be Bio BBs.)


    8. One machine gun (SAW) is authorized per side. The US Airsoft Official of the day will approve the SAW use. It is advisable to request the SAW usage with the online registration process the day before. This is on a first come first serve basis. No SAW will be allowed onto the field without approval from the US Airsoft Official of the day. Full auto will only be allowed while the gun is deployed with bipod


    9. The field is a semi auto fire field only. In some cases US Airsoft may play a full auto game, but only with a quick three round controlled blast pull. Airsoft guns shall not be used in full auto trigger held down. Only approved machine guns per squad as listed above will be allowed in the machine gun full auto. Players using the selector in auto must use small three round shots only. Single shot selector is preferred and required inside buildings.


    10. Pistols are approved to use as a secondary or even primary weapon, after they have been approved as above. Pistols are highly recommended for the intermediate and advanced players. Pistols must be holstered in the baracks


    11. No homemade, non-industry produced airsoft devices are allowed.


    12. Grenades are approved but are restricted to the following:


      1. Must be approved for use by US Airsoft prior to play.


      2. May not be deployed over 3 ft. in height.


      3. Underhand toss method only for deployment. No overhand throws allowed.


      4. A yell “FRAG OUT” shall be used before deploying.


      5. If a frag lands in a room all players in the room are wounded automatically, and will require first aid “respawn to medical cross” to get back into the game.


      6. Grenades are expensive and shall be returned to the owner after the game.



  1. Safety Meeting Brief:


    1. Prior to each new day of play, the US Airsoft Safety Master Sergeant will review all the safety rules and regulations for play with players prior to entering the arena play area.


    2. All players are required to attend the safety meeting brief.


    3. The US Airsoft referee will do an additional once over of equipment and personal as a final safety check before final authorization to enter the arena play area and start the game.


    4. Periodic check of equipment shall be done throughout the day.


    5. Spot checks of airsoft guns for (fps) acceptable limits shall be done throughout the day.


    6. Referee hits count as a hit for the offender. “If you hit a referee you are hit and are required to go the medic tent for respawn”.



  1. US Airsoft World, Inc. Officials:


    1. US Airsoft Tactical Day Officer:


      1. US Airsoft Official in charge of the day. In charge of enforcing all rules and regulation, and coordinating the events of the day.


      2. US Airsoft Safety official in charge of safety and in charge of personal safety equipment inspection. Site safety inspection and roving safety inspector..


    2. US Airsoft Referee:


      1. US Airsoft official in charge of checking players in and out of the arena play area “Goggle on Area” enforcing proper game play and proper conduct.


      2. US Airsoft official in charge of chronograph, and airsoft equipment inspection.


      3. US Airsoft referees roaming the arena play area, enforcing all the rules of the game and monitoring for safety.




  1. Arena Play Days:


    1. The arena is open Friday night, Saturday and Sunday to all players (Novice, Intermediate, and Professional) Ages 8 and up. Gates open Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 am and close at 4:00 pm (Games start at 10:00am sharp and end at 4:00pm Saturday and Sunday)


    2. The birthday parties are welcome, a special birthday package can be purchased. Private parties can be arranged during weekdays.




  1. US Airsoft Membership, Points and Ranking:


    1. See memberships at US Airsoft World Web Site (Memberships)